2017 TUC Terry Rodgers Workplace Rep Award

The TUC recognises the importance of representatives such as Shop Stewards and Office Reps in building the Trade Union movement in the workplace.  There are hundreds of representatives in the region who devote much time and energy protecting and improving wages and conditions of their members.  Often they deal with wider subjects such as pensions and redundancy while they invariably have to deal with the specific problems of individual members.  Their role is essential for trade union organisation and recruitment. 

This is not a competitive award and the purpose is to recognise the contribution made by workplace representatives generally. 

The award will be made at the 2017 Regional Conference, which takes place at the Hilton Newcastle Gateshead from 6th – 7th May 2017.  Closing date Friday 10th February.

Further details in the nomination form.


Recognising the Work of Branch Reps

Not every workplace rep can expect a TUC Award but their contribution can still be recognised within the branch.

If you are a branch rep (Steward, ULR, H&S, whatever) please consider some of the questions on the TUC nomination form and how you might respond to them.

Please send your responses to the branch office for posting on the branch website. That will be not only an acknowledgement of your contribution to the branch but also a record of your activity for future reference. It might also inspire others to take an active role in the branch.


Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on 27 January each year. It’s a time for everyone to pause to remember the millions of people who have been murdered or whose lives have been changed beyond recognition during the HolocaustNazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. On HMD we can honour the survivors of these regimes and challenge ourselves to use the lessons of their experience to inform our lives today. 

27 January marks the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi death camp.

Events in Newcastle to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2017


Get help staying warm this winter

With rising fuel costs and another cold winter looming, many members are worried about how they’re going to pay this year’s winter fuel bills.

Help is at hand

There for You, UNISON’s own charity has set up a limited fund to help UNISON members on low income by way of a one-off payment of £50 per household.

This year eligibility includes those in receipt of housing benefit and the amount of the grant has risen from £40 to £50 per eligible household.

Priority will be given to those who have not previously received this grant and no grants will be paid out until after the closing date of 17 February 2017.

To apply download the forms or contact the UNISON branch office.

Q&A   Application Form


Council Withdraws Proposals

The council has withdrawn its proposals to:

The Council will not reintroduce these proposals in the 2017-2020 budget timeline i.e. the next 3 years.

On this basis the UNISON Campaign Group has decided to call off the lobby of Labour Group arranged for Monday 5 December.

On behalf of the members who would have been affected UNISON has thanked all those who supoprted the short but vigorous campaign against the proposals.

UNISON believes the council were testing the staff’s resolve and now has to rebuild the staff’s trust and confidence in its employer. While UNISON will assist with that process we should not underestimate the worry and concern that staff directly affected by the original proposals have felt. UNISON believes that the council should have considered ALL alternatives before presenting the proposals to attack staff terms and conditions. Clearly there are alternatives.

Read more in the Fightback 3 bulletin


Council Unions Consider Industrial Action

The Council is proposing to:

UNISON members directly affected have reacted with fury and are demanding the council withdraw these proposals immediately.

 The joint trade unions in Newcastle City Council have served notice on the employer that they refuse to negotiate on any attack on staff terms and conditions.

 Paul Gilroy, Branch Secretary of UNISON Newcastle said “Our members have made their dismay and anger clear. A Labour council placing the burden of Tory austerity on to hard working council staff by cutting their pay is the final straw”.

He went on to say that “industrial action seems inevitable unless the council withdraws this proposal immediately”.

 The online petition has more than 1000 signatures and UNISON has also distributed a paper version for use in workplaces. Please sign the petition as we intend to hand it in at the next council meeting on 11 January.

The BBC are monitoring the campaign and are very interested in interviewing staff who are directly affected by the proposals. This is just the coverage we need as there is nothing more powerful than staff explaining the impact of losing money on them and their family’s lives. Please contact the UNISON branch office if you’re willing to share your story.

In addition, if you’re happy for the Branch to feature your story in this campaign bulletin, please get in touch with us too.

Read more in the Fightback 2 bulletin


Free entry to Local Tennis Leagues for staff of Newcastle City Council

New players in the Active Newcastle Singles Tennis League are being offered free entry to celebrate Andy Murray's fantastic achievement in becoming World Number 1!

The league organised players into groups at a similar level and is open to people of all standards. Players arrange their own matches between Thursday 24 November 2016 and Wednesday 1 February, 2017. All you need to do to have fun and improve your game at the same time is register here for a free place, complete the playing standard questionnaire and enter FREE OFFER NEWCASTLE COUNCIL under How You Heard or email


The Time Has Come To Fightback

Newcastle City Council has released a proposal that:

Council staff say NO


Newcastle Council says it wants to "protect" vital services, but its solution is to attack the very staff delivering those services. Council staff are facing pay cuts of up to a third which would mean that many staff could not remain in these posts in the future. The reality for staff would be pay cuts forcing them in to debt, homes at risk, misery for them and their families.

Come to the lobby of the Labour Group,  5.15  pm Monday 5  December,  Ceremonial Way, Civic  Centre      

Read more in the Fightback 1 bulletin


Branch officer and stewards elections

Nomination forms for 2017 should be completed and returned to the branch office by 13 January 2017.

Branch officer nomination form

Steward nomination form


Are you ready to give up shift allowance and weekend enhancements

“The trade unions were informed today of council proposals to cease paying shift allowance and weekend enhancements, and to change the time night rate takes effect from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm. Council managers will be briefing staff from tomorrow. The trade unions will attend the briefings and then speak to their members afterwards.”

Branch Secretary, 1 November

The proposals, part of the council’s budget for 2017, would result in 30% of the workforce, some 1800 staff, seeing their wages slashed by up to a third.

Be sure to let your UNISON steward know what you think of the council's plans.

Joint Trades Unions press release


LGA Rejects Additional UNISON NJC Pay Claim For 2017-18

The employers have rejected our claim for a flat rate increase of £1 an hour on all NJC pay points because:

 “The Employers are very clearly of the view that the NJC reached, in good faith, an agreement on pay on 16 May 2016 that covers the period to 31 March 2018”

Pay Bulletin   Employer response


The campaign for a fair deal in 2018 and funding for the pay spine review begins now!

The NJC Committee agreed that all our efforts now need to go into campaigning for a positive outcome from the review of the pay spine and a decent offer in 2018. A further 1% pay offer for the majority in 2018/19 would not be acceptable. The Committee also felt that the review of the NJC pay spine, agreed as part of the 2016-2018 settlement, needs additional funding to ensure an outcome which is fair to all and tackles inequality in pay within the public sector. NJC pay is the lowest in the public sector, from the bottom to the top of the pay spine.

It was therefore agreed to start a campaign of political lobbying, which will call on branches and Regions to lobby councillors and MP’s for a fairer deal for school and council workers and for funding of the review of the pay spine. The union will also work to establish groups of parliamentary advocates within the English, Welsh and Northern Ireland parliaments to speak out for council and school workers and commission research to support a better deal for NJC workers in future.


More attacks on terms and conditions

The council’s announcement of their budget proposals for 2017 – 2020 which were presented to staff, UNISON, the public and the press missed out a significant issue, a proposal to remove premium time payments i.e. to stop paying enhancement rates for working weekends and evenings.

No premium payments impact directly on those staff who receive them currently but also opens up the possibility of 7 day working for other staff. You could find your service operating at a weekend without paying you any overtime payment. Would you be happy about that?

UNISON will be campaigning against this proposal and you should too. We’ll provide more details as they are released.

Read more in October 'Outlines'


Three year budget proposals announced

The council has announced its budget proposals for the next 3 years. The headlines are £70M reduction, £30M in 2017/18, £20M in 2018/19 and £20M in 2019/20.

Here’s a link to the Council published budget information, including IIA’s

UNISON branch officers will be offering support to worker groups and individual members affected directly by the proposals. If you need advice or support please contact:

Paul Gilroy - Resources, WCL (Adult), ACX

Nicky Ramanandi  - Communities, I&D

Lynda Hardie – WCL (Children)

Read more


UNISON Get Online Week

17-23 Oct is the tenth Get Online Week and UNISON have arranged a table in the Civic Centre Monday 17 October, 12.30-1.30pm, Why not pop down and have a try at some IT you may not normally use or would like to learn about.  We will also be promoting courses if there is something you would like to do more specifically, or try a Tablet, Kindle or Laptop for the first time - full support will be given.

Why not take the opportunity to visit the new Welford Learning Zone open 10-12 Monday, Wednesday and Friday and receive one to one support to get online, or if you prefer try out a Kindle, Laptop or Tablet for the first time. Please contact Wendy Aitman to check on availability of spaces.


 6 New Free Open University Badged Courses  

The Open University has launched 6 free online courses for people looking to move up in their career, or considering a change of direction.  Fun, interactive and informative, each course takes approximately 15 hours to complete but can be studied in shorter chunks of time, the courses are:

For further details and how to register please contact Jane Yugire.


Additional Pay Claim for 2017/18

The branch is consulting members on the question:

Do you agree with the proposal that the additional pay claim for 2017/18 should be for “A flat increase of £1 an hour on all NJC pay points?”

This arises from a resolution of the Local Government Service Group Conference which included an instruction to submit an additional NJC pay claim for 2017/18 and to commence the process of consulting with branches and members on the composition of this claim after Conference. This reopens year 2 of the 2016/18 two-year pay NJC settlement agreed last May.

The additional claim will be a UNISON claim only because the other two NJC unions do not support it. Both GMB and Unite’s National Committees have discussed UNISON’s proposal for an additional claim. In response they have both stated that, given the collective decision of NJC trade unions to accept the 2016/18 two year pay settlement, they will not support a further pay claim for 2017. The Local Government Association has also indicated that they will not consider a claim received from one NJC union only.

Branch consultation will conclude on 3 October 2016.


Review of the NJC Green Book Pay Spine

As part of the 2016-18 pay settlement, the NJC agreed to conduct a review of the NJC pay spine. The primary reason for this review is the introduction of the National Living Wage.

The terms of reference for the review have now been agreed.

Read more


Chief Executive & Directors’ Pay

Members will have seen the publicity regarding a proposal to review the salaries of the Chief Executive and Directors from their present position of spot grades i.e. no incremental progression, to one including the provision to move up a scale incrementally based on performance.

UNISON were not involved in any discussion of the proposal prior to the publication of the information by the Chronicle. UNISON were subsequently briefed on the proposal on Tuesday 30 August.

The pay policy statement has been approved by Constitutional Committee, but is subject to agreement by full council on 7th September. The pay policy statement includes the text “The Trade Unions have also been consulted and briefed about the contents”, which is incorrect and the UNISON Branch Secretary has written to the Assistant Director of HR to demand that elected members are provided with a clarification that states that the Trade Unions were briefed post publication on the contents of the pay policy statement.

Following the publication of the review proposals, UNISON’s Branch Secretary met with the Chief Executive and expressed the union’s anger and disappointment that pay increases were being proposed at a time when cuts are being considered to the council’s budget for the next 3 years, and when we have seen an erosion year on year of the redundancy and protection arrangements. In addition, a letter has been sent to the Leader of the Council, and UNISON’s Branch Secretary has also spoken publicly of the union’s position, and this was reported in the Chronicle.

UNISON members who are unhappy at the proposals could assist the Branch by contacting your councillor (in Newcastle), who will be voting on the proposal, and explaining your opposition


A Fair Day's Pay

Newcastle City Branch has challenged the City Council to become an accredited Living Wage employer. This means that the Council would increase wages of the lowest paid in the organisation in line with the increases of the Foundation Living Wage each November.  

In addition we have challenged the council to make provision within its procurement policy to ensure that the contractors and businesses the council employs, include a provision that they also pay the Foundation Living Wage.

Read more


Labour Party Leadership Election and UNISON Members Entitled to Vote

To register to vote, UNISON members must:

When you register you agree to:

The Labour party will be conducting the election. Queries about the ballot or members wishing to check if their applications have been accepted by the Labour Party should contact the Labour Party

UNISON’s nomination process

UNISON Labour Link, which represents those members who pay into the affiliated political fund, will follow standard procedures for agreeing any nomination.

This will mean:

If you do not already pay into the affiliated political fund (APF) you can transfer using the following form

To check if you are member of APF you can check yourself here: or email

For more information about getting involved in Unison Labour link or becoming a Unison delegate to Labour Party CLPs or for general questions get in touch with branch Labour Link Officer:

Ed Whitby   or 07740099479

Frequently Asked Questions – Unison members and the Labour Leadership


Disabled Members’ Conference

The UNISON Disabled Members’ Conference 2016 takes place on 29th – 31st October in Brighton.  We are looking for expressions of interest to attend the conference as a delegate from the branch.  Travel and accommodation will be arranged by the branch and subsistence payments will be available. 

Read more


Tyne Tunnel Trekkers complete the Cateran Yomp

The Yomp (a military term for a long-distance march) is an epic adventure challenge. Teams of 3-6 people take on 54 miles in 24 hours across the rugged terrain of the Scottish wilderness whilst raising money for soldiers, veterans and their families.

Helped by sponsorship from UNISON a team of members, the Tyne Tunnel Trekkers, entered the event which took place on 11 June in Perthshire.

The Trekkers completed the 54 mile 'gold' route in 22:22:42, coming in 43rd out of 94 teams.

Photo (left to right): Michael Ayre Senior Traffic Officer, Philip Dixon Senior Traffic Officer, Angus Fergusson Senior Traffic Officer and Anthony Harbison Controller.

More photos


Female Cancer Cover

UNISONProtect is very pleased to introduce a brand new product to their range - Female Cancer Cover.

Research by Macmillan Cancer support has identified that four out of five cancer patients are on average £570 a month worse off following their diagnosis*. This is the result of a combination of factors, including having to stop work while receiving treatment, needing extra childcare, higher household bills and transport costs to and from hospital, it all adds up.

Read more


New on Site


Anne Frank Trust Exhibition

UNISON have now been allocated two spots on the 16 January to have guided tours around the Anne Frank exhibition. 

Labour Research Department Fact 79/2

Courier's tribunal win against CitySprint

TUC warns over Brexit threat to workers' rights

Lame excuses for not paying minimum wage

High street store fined over safety

Manufacturing output edges higher

Child poverty briefing


Branch Lottery

Winners in December.


The Trade Union Act and UNISON's Political Fund

Consultation on political fund review: December-January

Reading Ahead

We are having our first Reading Ahead launch at Welford Learning Zone on 11 January between 10am and 11am.

Trade Union Reps courses

Book now to secure your place on one of the courses for Reps at Newcastle College starting in January 2017.

Northern Region Training Programme

UNISON courses in 2017. These courses are free and open to all members unless otherwise stated.

Labour Research Department Fact 79/1

'Precarious pay penalty' of zero-hours staff

Plans for a Universal Basic Income

2017 — economic forecasts for year

'Fat Cat Wednesday' has been and gone

Northern Ireland to reveal political gifts

UK's deficit in trade in goods gets ever worse

UK economic growth revised upwards


Holocaust Memorial Day

Events in Newcastle to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2017.


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 9 January.

There for You

The latest ‘There For You’ Newsletter provides contact details for UNISONS registered charity which offers FREE and confidential services, benefits and support to members.

Holocaust Memorial Day

UNISON’s Holocaust Memorial Day Event will this year be held on Wednesday 25 January following Regional Council. 

Unison Northern - Regional Library Seminar

This Seminar on 11 January is being held to look at what is the future for Libraries and Library Services and how UNISON can respond.


Retired members

Papers for the meeting on 17 January.

Members training

New courses for 2017 in the Course Calendar.

NCFE Courses for members

Certificate for 1 credit Introduction To Disability Awareness

Level 1 Certificate in Well Being

Level 1 and Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

Labour Research Department Fact 78/50

UK inflation rate hits two-year high

Unemployment down but levelling off

Rise in average weekly earnings growth

Few use right to Shared Parental Leave


Friendship Day

Fawdon Community Centre will be hosting this Friendship Day family function on Sunday 18 December.

Part-time Education for Adults Returning to Learn (PEARL)

Free online resources for adult learners.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/49

Rents drag working families into poverty

Worrying ignorance on asbestos in schools

TUC attacks cap on small claims

Government shunts Network Rail off track

Takeovers down in number, up in value

Manufacturing output shrinks again


Labour Research Department Fact 78/48

Gig economy comes under scrutiny

UK economy — 0.5% growth confirmed

Executive pay and corporate governance

1Minimum wage rises from next April

Gender pay gap in London's public sector

Suspended prison sentences over safety


Branch AGM 2017

Notice of the branch AGM to be held on13 March 2017

Branch Lottery

Winners in November.

Show Racism the Red Card

Calendar 2017 featuring the outstanding artwork from our schools competition.


Local Negotiations

The latest news on the terms and conditions dispute in 'Fightback 2' bulletin.

Digital Skills Swapping Drop-in

Find out how to make the most of your digital device on Tuesday 20 December 2016 at Newcastle Civic Centre.

Walk to Run lunch time taster session

As part of the This Girl Can initiative Active Newcastle are holding a lunch time running taster session on 12 December for women who don't currently run or who don't feel comfortable running.

Women Members

Women's Network on 3 December and National Conference on 16 February.

Members' benefits

Vauxhall Partners latest offer (which is valid until 18th December 2016) is up to £2,000 scrappage on an old car to put towards a brand new Vauxhall from across the range.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/47

Hammond's first and last Autumn Statement

Disability-related sickness top issue

CitySprint latest gig economy target

May in reverse over workers on boards

Young face social mobility problem

Survey on risks of cleaning agents


Syrian Refugee Benefit Gig

On Sunday 27 November at the Cumberland Arms.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/46

Lower housings costs keep inflation at 2.0%

Unemployment falls

September boost for average earnings

UK worst in OECD for investment in transport


UNIMAG 32, November 2016

A quarterly periodical updating stewards and reps on employment law.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/45

New rates for voluntary Living Wage

Theatre of austerity

Unions take on gig economy firms

Fall in tribunal claims

Factory output down in third quarter

Two families win in courts over bedroom tax

In the Papers

Parents back striking teaching assistants in Durham despite school disruption

Durham teaching assistants strike for second day

County Durham teaching assistants go on strike


Members Training

‘Confidence Building Session’ and ‘Foundation Certificate in Deafblindness’ added to the course calendar.

Fully Fund our NHS

TUC Campaign to raise awareness of the impact of the government’s spending squeeze on the NHS in England and to call for a fair and sustainable funding in the lead up to the autumn statement.

TUC Young Workers Month

Events in the North East.


Stewards Training

The next 3-day course is in January.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/44

Widespread benefits of union training

Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2016

Economy grows in third quarter

Give boost to childcare, say employers

Academies links with trustees' businesses


Online tools from UNISON Learning

Two new additions to our library of quick, interactive online modules and Use-IT, a quick and fun way to check maths and English skills and much more.

Briefing: Domestic Violence Workplace Champions

Champions act as a confidential, sympathetic and well informed first point of contact for colleagues and raise awareness around the issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Reclaim the Night

You are invited to the Northern TUC’s Annual Reclaim the Night event which this year takes place in Newcastle on Saturday 26th November.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/43

Investigation into grey area of self-employment

Government U-turn on safety appointment

Low pay in the UK 2016

Self-employment or precarious work?

Bullying a worrying problem in NHS

It may not be marriage guidance but it's helpful

Pay protection a reasonable adjustment


Retired Members

Papers for the meeting on 8 November.


Community Sector Conference

Bournemouth International Centre, 3-5 March 2017. This conference is open to all UNISON members in the Community Sector.

Show Racism the Red Card

Show Racism the Red Card are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year and part of the celebration a night of comedy and music has been organised to take place on Friday 25 November


Labour Research Department Fact 78/42

Weak average weekly earnings growth

Low pay in government

Jobless numbers on the rise in summer

Safety and health at work week

Pricier fuel and clothing pushes inflation higher


Council Budget

Three year proposals announced.

Show Racism the Red Card

Wear Red Day, Friday 21 October.

Outlines, October 2016

The current issue of the Branch Newsletter includes:

More attacks on terms and conditions!

Council Budget

Public Sector Exit Caps

UNISON launches UK-wide campaign to celebrate public service champions

Additional Pay Claim 2017-18

Stars in our schools

Future Employee Benefits


Labour Research Department Fact 78/41

Shift workers more prone to disease

Lucky 13 in boardroom

Manufacturing output still weak

Firms sign Dying to Work charter

Perils of hard Brexit for UK car industry

Commission and holiday pay ruling

UK's record deficit in trade in goods

Labour Research Department Fact 78/40

Majority ignored on public sector exit pay

Long wait for gender pay gap to close

Sick leave benefits across Europe

How to shrink the great divide in UK

Women's mental health needs ignored

How to claim benefits for industrial injuries


Colombians People’s Struggle for Peace

Public meeting on 20 October.

One Day  Bridges to Learning CPD Workshops

Dealing with Difficult Conversations

Managing Anxiety

Interview Skills


Show Racism the Red Card “Wear Red” Day

UNISON members and their families are invited to support “Wear Red” Day, Friday 21 October, by going to work or going to school wearing something Red for the day and donating £1.


In the Papers

Teaching assistants to be balloted on strike action, despite split between GMB and Unison unions

Council's pay offer for teaching assistants rejected

Council votes to privatise services in shake-up of adult care in County Durham

Hospital overcrowding caused by 'political maladministration', say MPs

Is the North East Combined Authority now on the verge of collapse over devolution?

Protest planned against 'downgrading' of South Tyneside hospital services

Labour Research Department Fact 78/39

Top hazards mentioned by safety reps

Auto-enrolment pushes up pension figures

Prospect grows

Minimum wage rises

Apprenticeships — getting it right

How much of £86.9m is executive excess?

Shaping the Future

UNISON Newcastle want to create a new forum for members working in the charitable sector, and another for those working for housing associations


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 3 October..

Newcastle Unites against the Racist EDL

24 September

Assemble 1pm outside the Laing Art Gallery (Blue Carpet)

The aim of the protest is to send out a clear and simple message: the EDL is not wanted in Newcastle, the north east or anywhere else. We must all stand together in unity in the face of Islamphobia, anti-Semitism and all forms of racism and fascism.

Leon Rosselson gig

24 September

‘Wry, poignant and political songs that are as intelligent as they are entertaining’

Film Preview Opportunity

3 October

Film director Ken Loach has contacted North East People's Assembly because he is looking for people to attend a special preview showing of his acclaimed new film 'I, Daniel Blake' which will be followed by a Q & A around the issues of austerity & welfare benefits raised by the film.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/38

MPs to examine boardroom pay

Dress codes need a redesign for today

Care firms targeted over illegal wages

Workplace inspections on missing list

Shortfall in out-of-school services

Branch Lottery

Winners in September.


Labour Research Department Fact 78/37

Earnings growth dip

In July, growth in average weekly earnings was down to 2.2% from the previous month’s revised

Unemployment among women falls

The fall in the number of unemployed women more than compensated for the rise in the men’s total, Office for National Statistics figures show.

Retail inflation down

The retail inflation rate fell in August, while the consumer measure was steady, Office for National Statistics figures show.

Campaigners set out how to solve poverty

The government should raise taxes on the wealthy to finance a £15 billion annual investment in affordable housing, free childcare and enhanced social security benefits to eradicate poverty in the UK, campaigners say in a report, We can solve poverty.

In the Papers

Don't make ordinary workers pay for Brexit, TUC urges government

Political battle lines drawn north and south of the River Tyne over devolution

Theresa May’s incompetence is creating an opposition within her own party

Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson and George Osborne among MPs hit by boundary shakeup

North East to lose four MPs in constituency shake-up plans

 'Thanks, but no thanks': How devolution for the North East was ended in 155 words



UNISON consults on an additional pay claim for 2017/18 while the NJC agrees terms of reference for a review of the Pay Spine.

TUC Education

The course brochure for TUC Education courses in the Northern Region is now available to download.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/36

Boardroom delight

Manufacturing output weakens in July

Tory contempt for health and safety

Forced retirement for one in eight

Decline in UK mergers and takeovers


Retired Members

Papers fopr the meeting on 13 September.


Disabled Members

Regional meeting on Thursday 8 September.


Solidarity Event

UNISON Northern Women’s and International Committees are holding a joint event to raise funds for the Women’s Sugarcane Cutters Committee in the Valle del Cauca department of Colombia. World Headquarters, 7 October.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/35

Learning lessons from EU referendum debate

Youth unemployment still stubbornly high

Action plan to help new and expectant mothers

GMB files claims against Addison Lee

BECTU to merge with Prospect in 2017

Economy grows in second quarter

In the Papers

Is the North East finally going to start consulting on its controversial devolution deal?

Youth unemployment could be exacerbated in wake of Brexit vote, report says

GP crisis as calls are made for appointments to be limited to no more than 25 a day

The NHS is ailing. Is a ringfenced tax the best remedy?


Labour Research Department Fact 78/34

Shift workers are more susceptible to disease

Motherhood's penalty

MPs call for ban on plastic microbeads

Underemployment of BAME workers

Scottish public sector deficit unchanged

Acas guidance for young workers


Disabled Members' Branch Meeting

31 August

Discussing the published motions for the National Disabled Conference.

Hope Not Hate’s Community Picnic

3 September

An opportunity for people to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and fun setting (food, games and conversation!) and a way of getting to know other people who live locally and recognise that we have more in common than what divides us.

North East People's Assembly AGM 2016

13 September

All supporters of the People's Assembly, living in north-east England, are very welcome to attend.

Protest The Tory Party Conference

2 October

In Birmingham. Newcastle coach tickets £25 waged, £10 unwaged.


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 5 September..


Outlines, August 2016

When is a living wage “A Living Wage”?

New professional standards for teaching assistants published

Stars in our schools

Newcastle College Review & Redundancies

Labour Leadership Election

Time to debate LGPS changes as petition hits 100,000 signatures, says UNISON

Tyne & Wear LGPS

Disabled Members Officers

Branch Organising

Durham Miner’s Gala

Death of Davey Hopper

Branch Learning

In the Papers

Brexit damage to economy will outweigh modest wage gains, says study

Feet first, our NHS is limping towards privatisation

Yes, zero hours work can be banned: New Zealand has just done it

Labour Research Department Fact 78/33

Unemployment down

Earnings growth static

Minimum wage offenders named

Briefing on new housing Act

Cost of living in the UK on the rise


UNIMAG 31, August 2016

A quarterly periodical updating stewards and reps on employment law.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/32

No pay restraint in UK boardrooms

'Hypocrisy' of Post Office bosses

Half of women suffer sexual harassment

Councils need greater powers to build houses

Factory output expands


National LGBT Conference

Details and agenda for the LGBT Conference in Llandudno, 18-20 November. 

What is Domestic Violence and Abuse?

Training session for members.

Panto – Beauty and the Beast

Special offer for UNISON members.

Branch Lottery

Winners in August.


Black Members meeting

This meeting will discuss Motions for Black Members Conference 2017.

UNISON survey

Impact of public spending cuts on LGBT people and services.


Labour Research Department Fact 78/31

Cut in interest rates

Days lost to strikes at very low level

Voluntary Living Wage needs revision

Rise in value of council outsourcing contracts

Search for gig economy in UK

National scandal of homecare wage cheats

New Courses

Two courses have been added to the schedule:

Introduction to Understanding Autism

Confidence Building taster session.

LGBT Survey

Researchers would like to hear from you and will use what you tell them to raise awareness of the social care needs of LGBTQI disabled people and to highlight examples of things that do and don’t work very well.

Branch Lottery

Winners in July.


Labour Research Department Fact 78/30

Union political funds bring in more income

Progress needed on transgender equality

Economy grows in second quarter

Green family used BHS as milch cow

Lack of progress on disability rights

Workers should take care in heat of the sun

Reps Training

One Day Introduction to the Local Government Pension Scheme, 28 September 2016.


Labour Research Department Fact 78/29

Earnings growth dips

Air fares fuel inflation

UK's 'badge of shame' on disability rights

Unemployment hits 11-year low as numbers fall


Training courses

Bridges to Learning one day  regional workshops aimed at all staff working in Health, Social Care and Education.

Emotional Resilience 

Introduction to Counselling Skills

Understanding Autism

Your Skills, Your Future


Labour Research Department Fact 78/28

More top executives on £1m or more a year

How deal with issue of fatigue

Manufacturing boost

NLW — the first 100 days and a crisis

Below par academies

Labour Research Department Fact 78/27

Forty executives living in ££££ land

Rise in deaths at work

Mesothelioma and its deadly toll

Poverty rise in the UK

Three more join Living Wage family


Retired members

Papers for the meeting on 19 July.


Tyne Tunnel Trekkers

An account of the 24 hour Cateran Yomp. Tyne Tunnel Trekkers raised over £1600 for the Army Benevolent Fund.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/26

UK economy grows

Narrow majority for exit in EU referendum

Women part-timers lose out on pensions

Lack of support for disabled teachers

Small narrowing in UK current account deficit

Remuneration package of 32 averages £2.15m


Branch Lottery

Winners in June.


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 4 July..


Labour Research Department Fact 78/25

Adverse impact of tribunal fees

'Reckless' to scrap NHS bursaries

Missing out on pensions and benefits

Call for 14-day self-certification period

Fathers missing out on paternity pay


Labour Research Department Fact 78/24

Average earnings fillip on back of living wage

Retail price inflation rises in May

UK unemployment rate at 11-year low

Modern slavery judgment against firm

Employers don't have working carers' policy


Orlando Vigil

Please come and join us in our vigil supporting and remembering the victims of the recent atrocity. Saturday 18 June, 6pm at Newcastle Civic Centre.


Labour Research Department Fact 78/23

Dementia in workplace

Thirty execs rake in £70 million

Deaths after Johnson's fire service cuts

Value of inward M&A hits seven-year high

UK factory output 'recovers'

Climbdown on police spying on unions


Members' training

New courses and taster sessions have been added to the course calendar for June and July.

Labour Research Department Fact 78/22

Rise in numbers working from home

Economic growth confirmed for start of year

Remuneration for two totals over £55 million

Euro 2016 advice

Planes, trains and drones and lasers

Equal pay progress at Scottish council


Branch Committee

Papers for the meeting on 13 June.